Top 20 Plush Animals Patterns Ideas

I’d like to begin by emphasizing that everyone is amazing, especially those who sew and design creative plush animal patterns. They bring us millions of plush animal toys which may be an invaluable gift for a special person or a favorite friend to come along with you.

So, today, PlushiesAnime will suggest you a list of the trending plush animal patterns below.

Let’s get started!

Robot Plush Animal Pattern

Robot Plush Animal pattern

A robot is one of the best patterns that you shouldn’t miss in . It can be a valentine’s gift or birthday gift for your beloved one. It is so cute and distinctive that you will definitely love it at first sight right.

2. Fabric Dog Plush Animal Pattern

A plush animal toy is now designed in many ways, especially the materials to create it. Today, people tend to be more picky in choosing stuffed animals. Therefore, a fabric dog pattern does not only meet the criteria of appearance but also luxurious materials with fabrics, corduroy or some houndstooth.

3. Flying Squirrel Plush Animal Pattern

Flying Squirrel Plush Animal Pattern

An embroidered flying squirrel is truly a plush animal pattern you shouldn’t miss this year. A blue embroidered squirrel looks quite fancy and lovely, right?

4. Rainbow Unicorn Plush Animal Pattern

A lovely colorful unicorn with the main pure white body will surely make your baby fall in love, especially girls. There are many designs with this pattern, so you can access more rainbow unicorn plush animal patterns and find the best fave one for your kids.

5. Wild Dinosaur Plush Animal Pattern

Hearing wild dinosaurs sounds like a pretty scary animal to many children. But don’t worry, a wild dinosaur plush animal toy won’t disappoint you, especially kids. A stuffed dinosaur can be a visual simulation for your child to visualize from the knowledge he or she watched on TV or read in books.

6. Cute Fox Plush Animal Pattern

Cute Fox Plush Animal Pattern

A stuffed fox plush animal pattern looks so cute, doesn’t it? The striking bold orange color plus the many shape designs of a fox plush stuffed animal patterns as well as the desired sizes make you have more choices to choose a satisfactory stuffed fox.

7. Squishmallow Narwhal Plush Animal Pattern

Squishmallow Narwhal pattern is also one of the best ideas for that many love. A squishmallow animal pattern really makes you want to pet it, hug it right in your lap. You’ll definitely want to buy one right away to add to your collection of stuffed toys.

8. Adorable Giraffe Plush Animal Pattern

giraffe plush animal

A giraffe plush animal is not definitely a giraffe with a tall yellow or brown neck with spots all over it. Today, it is designed or knitted with more lovely shapes. Can you refer to it to see if I should add it to your wish list?

9. Naughty Crocodile Plush Animal Pattern

A naughty crocodile plush animal pattern sometimes looks scary to many children. However, if you’ve already had a lot of stuffed plush animals, enrich your stuffed animal collection with a naughty crocodile right away!

10. Polar Bear Plush Animal Pattern

Polar Bear Plush Animal Pattern

If you are passionate about exploring the animal world, then don’t miss a stuffed polar bear pattern as a kind of great simulation collection. A carefully embroidered white polar bear looks so adorable.

11. Rabbit Plush Animal Pattern

Rabbit is one of the most popular plush animal patterns that most of us have owned at least once because of its cuteness and its variety in its designs. But this pattern is always updated and created in many different ways. 

So, a new rabbit plush pattern below is worth choosing right now, isn’t it?

12. Totoro Stuffed Animal

Totoro Stuffed Animal

Toronto is inspired from the famous beloved animated Miyazaki film “My neighbor Totoro“. This plush animal pattern is a perfect choice to place it in the office, at home, or anywhere else you like.

Toronto is also a great gift for big fans of all ages.

 13. Big Cat Plush Animal Pattern 

Are you looking for a new cute pattern? A big cat plush animal one will be a great choice for anyone who is passionate about cats. You can comfortably hug a “giant” stuffed cat without getting bored.

14. Extra Large Elephant Plush Animal

An extra large elephant plush animal pattern can be a perfect soft object for children, allowing them to fall asleep more easily. 

This stuffed toy will be a wonderful sleep companion with your baby when he or she turns at least four months old to make him or her feel safer. 

15. Siena Seahorse Plush Animal Pattern

Extra Large Elephant Plush Animal

A Siena Seahorse is a soft and gorgeous plush animal. Sienna boasts a vibrant pastel pink body, curly wurly tail and looks energetic. 

You can imagine it can swim and splash around. We believe that your baby girl will want to get a Siena seahorse immediately when she sees it. 

16. Wiley Whale Plush Animal Pattern

Wiley Whale Plush Animal Pattern

Do you want to be an ocean explorer? A wiley whale can be the first target prey that you want to conquer. Include a wiley whale pattern in your collection right away! A fluffy tummy, floppy fins will make you love it with no doubt.

17. Beatrice Butterfily Plush Animal Pattern

Are you attracted to the pink color and lovely smile of Beatrice Butterfly? Personally, I fell in love because of its sweetness and cuteness. It’s like a beautiful girl covering soft textured wings and always ready to explore more nectar in the garden!

18. Sleepy Lamb Plush Animal Pattern

Sleepy Lamb Plush Animal Pattern

A lamb with a sleepy face will be a plush animal pattern that you shouldn’t miss in . This expression of the lamb will make you feel relaxed whenever you feel tired. Put it in your bedroom so you can always see it when you’re tired.

19. Rolbie Sheep Plush Animal Pattern

A cute reindeer with a soft fluffy fur will surely make you fall in love, right? It would be remiss if you missed this plush animal pattern – Rolbie Reindeer. You will always feel comfortable seeing that adorable, bewildered, innocent face with fluffy fur that just makes you want to hug it right away.

20. Brown Moose Plush Animal Pattern

Last but not least, a brown moose pattern will also be a stunning one that makes you feel comfortable. It’s also pretty new with many designs and different ways to create with materials. So search here to find more choices to choose the best moose plush animal pattern you like!

Are there any plush animal patterns you are looking for? Let us know and share with us which one you’re impressed with from the list above!

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