Top 12 Favorite Kawaii Plushies of

In the previous post, I’ve given you a list  of 10 Big Teddy Bear for this Mother’s Day. You must have been excited about these recommendations and found a beautiful gift for your beloved mom. Today, we’re going to talk about another kind of plush toys that hopefully you’ll be interested in. 

Follow us and scroll down to the end of this article to pick the best toy from Top 12 Favorite Kawaii Plushies of . 

Let’s get started!

1. Kawaii Bunny Plush

kawaii bunny plush

With a moderate size not too large suitable for all ages, Kawaii bunny plush has conquered us by its cuteness. Their diverse colors allow us to choose a kawaii stuffed animal according to our favorite color.

The super fluffy layer that makes us want to touch is another plus point of these plush toys.

With its above highlights, Kawaii bunny plush deserves to be mentioned first in this article.

2. Kawaii Cat Plush

Don’t miss a Kawaii cat plush if you are a cat lover or want to find a versatile toy that can help you more than a regular plush animal.

With this design of a Kawaii cat stuffed animal, you can completely use it as a pillow to take a nap in your office or bedroom.

3. Kawaii Frog Plush

Searching for a version of frogs like an actual frog is not too difficult. Unlike teddy bear or cat stuffed animals, however, it will not have many designs of frog stuffed animals for you to pick.

So we believe that the above is one of the best Kawaii frog plush animals. Check it out to make sure that this kawaii frog plush is the best version you’ve ever seen.  

4. Kawaii Shiba Inu Dog Plush

Have you ever raised a Shiba Inu dog? It is considered as a hunting dog from Japan. It may sound that this pet is a dangerous one. In fact, their bravery and sweetness make us love these dogs a lot. If you’re into Shiba Inu dogs, don’t miss a Kawaii Shiba Inu dog plush.  

Their cuteness will conquer you right when you see them at first sight!

5. Kawaii Pink Pig Plush

kawaii pig plush

An adorable Kawaii pink pig stuffed animal is definitely one of the best Kawaii plushies that anyone loves to have at least one. With a design like a sleeping pig, Kawaii pig plush not only conquers you by its cuteness but also by its special function that anyone can take advantage of. It is turning them into a hug pillow to help you relax after a stressful working day.

It is a good company for your sleep, isn’t it?

6. Kawaii Baby Duck Plush

Kawaii Baby Duck Plush

If you are looking for a stuffed animal with a fresh, yet intimate design, this kawaii is definitely a great suggestion for you.

It is a Kawai duck plush!!! It is also an amazing gift for friends, family or yourself if you love its cuteness, closeness and novelty. Because in fact, there are not so many designs about duck plush animals.

7. Kawaii Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Kawaii Giraffe Stuffed Animal

If you love collecting stuffed animals from the zoo inspired from real life, a Kawaii giraffe plush will be a great choice you cannot ignore.

Kids love giraffes and adults do either. This animal gives us a feeling of friendliness and approachability because of the gentle nature of the giraffe. A kawaii giraffe plush is made of super soft cotton, bringing a sense of softness to cuddle. This is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a fresh, and huggable friend!

Children can play with this plush toy safely due to its eco-friendly synthetic fiber.

8. Kawaii Unicorn Plush

Kawaii Unicorn Plush

Another kawaii plush we assure that children and girls love the most. It is a Kawaii unicorn plush. There are always striking colors, lovely designs, so there’s no reason not to add this plush toy to your collection. 

It can also be placed in any corner of your space as a decoration because this unicorn anime plush is extremely beautiful and luxurious.

9. Kawaii Dinosaur Plush Shoes

Kawaii Dinosaur Plush Shoes

This will be another refreshing suggestion from all the kawaii plushies that we mentioned in this article. It was a pair of Kawaii Dinosaur plush shoes. With good material, soft, this will be a great pair of slippers for you to move freely around the house, especially in the cold weather of winter.

Not only will you feel your feet being pampered by the softness that this plush shoe brings, but also by the beautiful, adorable design of a unique Kawaii dinosaur that you can see in the picture above.

At PlushiesAnime, we are currently selling Kawaii Dinosaur plush shoes and many similar designs that you can refer to.

10. Kawaii Octopus Stuffed Animals

One of the octopus plush animals we’d love to mention is the Kawaii octopus stuffed animal. Looking lovely with a simple design, accented by cute faces and petite tentacles, a fresh, lovely version inspired from an actual octopus.

The size is not big, you can take this kawaii octopus plush anywhere you want. More importantly it can be a pillow for your sofa. This is a cool idea, isn’t it?

11. Kawaii Plush Benedict Bread

Kawaii Plush Benedict Bread

Kawaii benedict bread is also an amazing plush toy that you shouldn’t miss this . It is versatile that you can turn it into a decoration for your space or a pillow to take a short nap at noon.

It is bread but the fun thing is that you can’t eat it. Lovely design with a variety of sizes and filled with super-soft PP cotton will bring an excellent experience for anyone.

12. Gudetama Kawaii Plush

Gudetama Kawaii Plush

Gudetama is known as the laziest egg in the world. So, Gudetama Kawaii plush will definitely make you feel funny because of its design.

The yellow color makes Gudetama more attention-grabbing than many plush toys. Many people will certainly feel more comfortable when they see the funny picture of one of the laziest cats in the world, Gudetama, right?


Above are the best of 12 Favorite Kawaii Plushies of that we’ve collected. Hope you enjoy it and find the most fave kawaii plush toy for yourself. Share with us which one is the best from this post in the comment box below!

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