Pokemon Plush Collection Update

For many millennials, Pokemon must have been a well-known name for years. Many of us were crazy about these cute little monsters.

Today, we do not discuss this Japanese anime, but we’ll suggest to you the products inspired from this anime, specifically Pokemon plush. 

In this post, let’s follow us to discover the 9 Pokemon Plush Collection Update and keep scroll down til the end to select a Pokemon plush that you’re impressed the most. 

1. Cubone Pokemon Plush

Cubone Pokemon Plush

The first Pokemon plush we’ve listed in the collection in is Cubone. It is quite big, approximately 24 inch. There is an interesting fact that Cubone plush is called a “lonely” Pokemon. With a lovely look of Cubone Pokemon plush, it is definitely a perfect gift for those who are a big fan of Pokemon.

2. Snorlax Pokemon Plush


Snorlax Pokemon Plush

One of the most adorable Pokemon Plush must be Snorlax plush. So, you’ll just want to cuddle it and take it anywhere you go. You must be curious about why this Pokemon’s stomach is so huge, mustn’t you?

Snorlax is a special and favorite Pokemon figure that many love because of its cuteness. Snorlax eats at least 880 pounds of food daily and it goes to sleep immediately when it’s full. Snolax Pokemon definitely conquers its cold heart because of its cuteness, giving it a cuddly feeling because it is soft.

3. Cute Yellow Pikachu Pokemon Plush

Cute Yellow Pokemon Plush

The image familiar to many generations of Pokemon over the years is definitely the image of a prominent yellow Pokemon Pikachu with a lovely image, always smiling.

Pikachu Pokemon plush is inspired by the Pokemon anime and the multiple series of Nintendo video games. If you love this Pokemon Pikachu and want to create a friendly space, this plush should be placed in your personal space to instill optimism into you.

4. Garchomp Pokemon Plush

4. Garchomp Pokemon Plush

At a glance, a Garchomp Pokemon plush can be scary with an angry face. But it looks unique in the Dragon-and-Ground-type Pokemon, and there are many things about this figure for you to discover more!

The Garchomp Pokemon plush is not too big, so you can place it on any corner in your room as a decoration item in your space. Why don’t you include this Pokemon plush in your collection this year right now?

5. Grookey Pokemon Plush

Grookey Pokemon Plush

With a vibrant color on the Grookey Pokemon Plush, it will give you an energetic feeling for a new day or comfort your pet whenever you are tired with its lovely expression and softness.

If you don’t know much about Grookey Pokemon, it is a Grass Pokémon and known as one of the first Pokemon Trainers in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

6. Lucario Pokemon Plush

With a striking dark blue color, Lucario plush is worth being listed in this post about the Pokemon plush collection of .

This soft wolf plush is super cute and cuddly, isn’t it? This is a Pokemon character with a new and unique look, right? I firmly believe that the Lucario plush is a great present for fans of Pokemon to include their incollection this year.

7. Pastel Easter Pokemon Plush

Pastel Easter Pokemon Plush

There is no doubt that the pastel easter pokemon is one of the cutest plushies that you can find in any store. It does not conquer the hearts of millions of Pokemon fans but many others, especially the little ones.

This is probably also a new and beautiful gift for friends and relatives on Easter this year. You can find many Pastel Easter Pokemon themed plushies online to find the one you like best.

8. Sword & Shield Pokemon Plush

When it comes to notable Pokemon characters, it would be remiss not to mention Sword & Shield Pokemon. Inspired from this Pokemon anime, there are now a wide range of Pokemon plushies for you to choose from.

The size of this Pokemon plush is quite small, which can be a lovely toy for many children, not just for Pokemon fans. With a cute and cuddly 8-inch Sword & Shield Pokemon plush, you can take it with you to every adventure.

9. Sleeping Vaporeon Pokemon Plush

The last plush we highly recommend in this article to add your Pokemon collection is Sleeping Vaporeon.  It is soft and makes me feel relaxed because of its cuteness. 

If you want to find a plush comforting whenever you feel blue or you don’t have this character in the Pokemon series, it is a great one for sure. 


Nowadays, people create multiple types of Pokemon plush to open a great chance  to collect the most favorite ones for each individual. Each Pokemon character will be designed in many different ways to bring unique and cuddly looks that everyone loves to own immediately. 

Depending on your preferences, you’ll be attracted by a different Pokemon plush. However, above are the 9 Best Pokemon Plush Collection to Update in that you shouldn’t miss.

Hopefully, these Pokemon plush mentioned above will bring Pokemon characters to life in the world you are living in. A Pokemon plush is affordable, so there is no reason to not go for a soft Pokemon plush right now!

In addition to Pokemon plush, you can visit PlushiesAnime to explore more stunning plushies such as Large stuffed animals, Anime plush, and much more. And don’t forget to leave your comment to share with us your experiences with a Pokemon plush!

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