How attractive cat plushie is? Top 5 cat plushies to purchase Right Now!

Have you had a cute cat plushie? If you don’t, please keep reading this post because we’re going to give you interesting details about this plush and even if you’re not a cat lover.

In this post, PlushiesAnime will focus on explaining reasons why a cat plushie is so attractive and recommend The 5 Best Cat Plushie to Purchase in

The attraction of the cat plushie

In addition to an adorable look of cat plushies, it is undeniable that there are many outstanding features to make an attraction of the cat plushie. 

Materials and Size

The material of each cat plush is mainly elastic cotton, which is softer and skin-friendly for you to use as a pillow and brings a comforting and cuddly feeling. 

Almost all cat plushies sold in stores are approximately 12 inch. This is a perfect the size of a pillow and  you just want to hug it to relax everytime. 

Oustanding features

A cat plush conquers not only cat lovers or girls but today there are many cat plushies with creative design and bring distinctive and impressive looks that anyone can fall in with at first sight. It’ll be a great choice to be a hugging bed pillow for all ages or to place it anywhere in your home like bedroom or living room or office. 

Best gift

A cat plush can be a perfect present for friends, family because of its cuteness as well as its amazing functions.

Top 5 cat plushies to shop right now

Hello kitty plush

Hello kitty plush

The first cat plushie must be listed in this post is Hello Kitty. It seems that most girls are crazy about this plush.  Hello Kitty has an adorable look and dresses in a Pusheen outfit. 

The cat plushie measures around 9 inch tall and it is encouraged for kids 8+. It is made from polyester fibers so it is softer. With this hello kitty plush, you just hand wash with mild soap to clean this plushie without bleaching to keep it new as the first originality.  

Hello kitty plush backpack

Hello kitty plush backpack

It seems that this cat plush has no difference with the first one I’ve just mentioned above. Yes, almost like the first one but the second one has the appearance of a backpack. 

The hello kitty plush backpacks are made from high-density plush fibers with maximum softness, which are super soft to cuddle with. 

A 12″ cat plush backpack like this  are a perfect choice for children to hug and play with safely. Toddlers or order kids completely play with this cat plushie. 

Long cat plush

Long cat plush

Another cat plushie we’d love to talk about is the long cat one. It is an ideal pillow to comfort you whenever you need. This long cat plushie are available in 5 sizes with the maximum 130cm tall. It makes you feel relaxed and snuggly when you give a hug.

With this kind of cotton cat plushie, you shouldn’t use a machine to wash it but clean it softly with warm water and keep it dry in air. 

Cartoon cat plush

Cartoon cat plush

One of the hottest cat plushies this year must be  the cartoon cat plush.At the first glance, this black cartoon cat plush can be scary but it is really funny, isn’t it?

It measures about 10 inch tall so you can bring it anywhere.  Like many soft plush toys, it is made of high-quality plush fabrics and infused with cotton. So, it is a skin-friendly soft plush that kids can play and cuddle with. 

The notable feature of this cartoon cat plush is the red mouth and its gray ears, which truly attracts your attention for the first time. You can choose it as a gift for your beloved ones or as a decoration item for birthday parties or holidays such as Halloween and so on. 

Select and add this cat plushie to your toy collection right away! 

Black cat plush

Cartoon cat plush

The last cat plushie in this post we want to mention is black cat. This plush animal is  around 12 inch tall and is an excellent choice as a pillow for you to comfort. Furthermore, you can carry it to any place you like.

This cat plushie is also definitely super soft and comfortable for you to cuddle. Treat it as your pet to play and hug it. Many people place it in the office chair for a nap. So there is no doubt that the black cat plush is so versatile that you can take advantage of it in your daily life. 

In addition, we’d love to reveal about the meaningful symbol of the back cat that many of you may not know about. The black cat represents wisdom and courage. Therefore, it can bring you more positive energy, and better luck.


Choosing a plush toy is definitely not an easy thing, choosing the type of plushies you like opens up many choices for you. Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with so many choices.

Understanding that, PlushiesAnime not only provides you with many plush toys such as Anime plush, pokemon plush, axolotl plushie and much more, but also suggests your favorite plushies that other people are also looking for.

In this article, we have shown the attraction of cat plushie from the beginning, and also tell you 5 Best cat plushies in that you shouldn’t miss.

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