9 Best Big Stuffed Animals of

In the previous post, you must have seen 12 Favorite Kawaii plushies that we’ve selected carefully based on the shoppers’ preferences on Kawaii plush toys. 

Today, we also love to share with you the 9 Best Big Stuffed Animals with a hope of giving you massive options of plush toys

1. Giant Peep Plush

giant peep plush

Giant peep plush will be the first one in this list of the 9 best big stuffed animals that you shouldn’t miss. Anyone will fall in love with  this plush anime because  of its cuteness. Peep plush is not too big so you can bring it anywhere as a companion.

This anime plush will also be a perfect gift for friends or kids that you should consider. 

2. Giant Octopus Plush

You may be interested in octopus plush with smaller size instead of a giant octopus stuffed animal. However, it seems that kids know how to explore huge octopus stuffed animals with their long limbs and play with them.

Why don’t you try to pick a big octopus plush to experience this?

3. Big Elmo Stuffed Animal

Giant Octopus Plush

Many love Elmo because this character is so popular to everyone. The creation of big Elmo stuffed animals will bring them to your home, live with you in the same space. With the classic color of red, Elmo anime plush can be a highlight to decor your space.

This is also a great present for your beloved ones of all ages but we recommend to use this plush toy for kids from 18 months and more. 

4. Huge Horse Stuffed Animal

Giant horse plush animal is another big stuffed animal of that you’ll love. With its design, you can make it as a pillow to take a short nap comfortably. 

The plush fur of the horse stuffed animal makes you want to touch because of its super soft cotton. The face of a horse stuffed animal makes us feel friendly and want to hug and play with them immediately. 

5. Big Unicorn Plush

Big Unicorn Plush

Choosing a huge unicorn plush toy is a great idea to enrich your collection of stuffed animals. Like a big horse plush, you can play with it any time or turn it into a pillow. Relax and recharge your battery with this big stuffed animal after a busy working day. 

6. Big Dog Stuffed Animal

Big Dog Stuffed Animal

There is no doubt that the dog is one of the most favorite pets that everyone loves. In addition to raising a dog, you can also go for a big dog stuffed animal. It is huggable and makes us feel like a real big pet. 

Treat it like a companion that you can share your thoughts and feelings whenever you need someone to hear, and so it is a great healing therapy for you with a friendly big dog stuffed animal. 

7. Giant Crocodile Stuffed Animal

Giant Crocodile Stuffed Animal

A huge crocodile plush is not like an actual one, except for their look. This stuffed animal is cute, friendly and can be your good friend to play with you and be a soft pillow for you to take a nap. 

These big stuffed animals are made of high-quality material and are friendly-to-use for kids. So add this big crocodile plush to your collection right away!

8. Huge Teddy Bear Plush

Huge Teddy Bear Plush

A teddy bear is no longer too foreign to all of us, especially children. Surely many of us have a lovely teddy bear in some corner of your space.

Try to refer to a giant teddy bear to make your collection of plush anime more diverse and richer!

9. The Walrus Big Stuffed Animals

The Walrus Big Stuffed Animals

A Walrus huge stuffed animal is the last one in this list of big stuffed animals . This plush anime is pretty fresh and kids will surely enjoy it.

Children can play comfortably and safely with this Walrus stuffed animal. With this plush toy, you will enjoy playing with it or making a greater decoration in your space than a pillow, right?

Bonus Tips to Clean Big Stuffed Animals Easily

If you love giant stuffed animals but still struggle with the question – how can you clean such a big plush toy without ruining its first original condition? Here is the answer for you guys.

Follow our guides to protect your stuffed animals if your clean them in the washing machine:

    • Make sure that giant plush toys are always protected well: Before washing a stuffed animal in the washer, put it in a laundry bag from wear and tear. 
  • Use a gentle wash setting such as Delicate or Hand Wash: one more plus thing is choose cold water to protect the color of your stuffed animals from fading. 
  • Use mild detergent (the detergent for baby clothes can be preferred): You can use a regular one but we recommend using mild detergent instead. 
  • Hang them dry in the air

In case you prefer to wash a large stuffed animal by hand, it’ll be difficult for you due to its bulky size. However, you can handle it effortlessly:

  • Fill enough cold water and gentle detergent in to it
  • Because of its size, wash carefully in each part of the body of a plush toy: Don’t wash too hard because it can fade and become loose. 
  •  Use clean cold water to rinse out the detergent.
  • Like cleaning stuffed animals in the washer, you also should let your giant plush toys dry in the air naturally

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