Reveal 7 Hottest Mario Plushies for Kids of All Ages

Have you ever heard about Mario? It must have been a household name for years and has become a part of many millennials’ childhood. 

If you don’t know about Mario, let PlushiesAnime give you several interesting details about it. Or if you are a big fan of this fictional character, keep scrolling down til the end because we’ll suggest you some of the newest Mario plushies in so that you can add to your collection. 

Let’s get started with the 7 hottest Mario plushies for kids

Where are Mario Plushies inspired from?

mario series

Mario plushies is inspired by a fictional character called Mario. Mario is a short, chubby Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. This character is associated with more than 200 video games, it is seen how he uses a variety of powers through his adventures.

Later, Mario was also the inspiration for the Super Mario series of games, which started with Super Mario Bros. Other game genres continued to be born such as Dr. Mario, Paper Mario, Mario Kart and Mario Tennis, Mario & Luigi. Not stopping there, the character Mario also appears in many other works of the Nintendo.

It can be said that Mario has become an iconic character in the video game industry. And of course, he was the inspiration to appear in clothing, collectible items and has still become in vogue of all time.

Like other products inspired by Mario, there are a variety of Mario plushies with many creative designs to bring Mario fans to experience the best collection items.

Now in the next part of this post, we’d love to give you some of the most searched Mario Plushies that every kids love in . Maybe you can’t wait anymore, isn’t it?

7 Best Mario Plushies for Kids

1. Super Mario Plush

Super Mario plush was inspired by the main character in the successful Mario series. Perhaps fans of this series are all too familiar with the image of a Mario plumber with a red hat and striking blue and red outfit.

Certainly for those who love the presence of Mario, the Super Mario Plush is definitely a worthwhile item for you to add to your collection.

2. Mario Bros Yoshi Plush

Super Mario Plush

If you follow the Mario series, you’re definitely impressed with the Yoshi character. Yoshi is well-known as an ally of Mario and Luigi and a hero of the Mushroom World.

Mario Bros. Yoshi Plush re-enacts the character of Yoshi, which is quite lovely and impressive with its green color, isn’t it?

Understanding more about the character is also how you love and want to own this plush or not. Yoshi is the only one of his kind who can speak another character’s language and is the hero who saves his homeland and other kingdoms.

So if you think this Mario Bros Yoshi Plush can be a meaningful gift with many messages for your special person, it will definitely be  a great suggestion that you should consider.

3. Foxy plush

foxy plush

Foxy plush is also a great choice in the Mario Plushies that you must be interested in. Filled with cotton filler and a high-quality silk, this soft foxy plush is a promising plush to give you a better skin touch experience.

The striking red color of the foxy plush is sure to be a highlight when placing it anywhere in your space.

The plush toy can be a pillow sofa to comfort you while binging on TV.

4. Stitch plush

stitch plush

It seems that the Mario plushies are plush toys with vibrant colors to make a spot light wherever they are placed. Let’s move on to the Stitch plush!

With this Mario plush, kids will fall in love with this super soft to add their stuffed animal collectible. You can treat this Mario plush as a pet or friend to hug and carry anywhere you like. 

5. Peep plushie

peep plushie

With an adorable appearance, Peep plushie is worth being one of the most favorite Mario plush toys. There is no doubt that kids love the Peep marshmallow sweets. 

Peep character is made with high-quality fabrics and super soft that you just want to cuddle and play with it. 

6. Minion plushie

plush octopus

In the Nintendo, this would be an omission if you omitted the Minions character. With Minions’ adorable expressions and iconic round glasses, anyone’s heart will melt.

Like the Mario plushies mentioned above, Minions is also a versatile anime plush that you can’t miss. You can use it as a pillow or take it along with you because of its compactness. In addition, it can also be a decorative item in any corner of your space.

7. Plush octopus

plush octopus

The last one in this post about Mario Plushies is Plush octopus. This plush toy has become one of the best sellers on the top trending of TikTok. 

This octopus plush is a great plush that helps you release your stress and rewind your battery. Besides, this luxurious fabric and the portable size of the plushies bring you a sense of softness to cuddle with. 

Bottom Line

Above are the 7 Iconic Mario Plushies that we highly recommend you to go for the best one as your preferences. Leave your thoughts in the comment box below to let us know what you think about this. What you share here can be worth for many others!

So where can you find these Mario plushies to purchase online? PlushiesAnime is one of credible stores, which are infused with the best value-for-money plush toys for you to shop online no matter where you are. 

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