10 Easy Diy Plush Stuffed Animals Anyone Can Do!!!

Nowadays, plush stuffed animals are no longer a luxury item for many kids. They become one of the most favorite toys not only among kids but also adults. The simple reason for this is that stuffed animals are cute and adorable rather than any other toys.

The prices of plush stuffed toys are varied, however if you or your kids want entertainment in their free time. Here are some suggested plush stuffed animals with complete DIY tutorials that anyone can do easily.

In this post, PlushiesAnime‘d love to share 10 Easy DIY Plush Stuffed Animals that we’ve selected from many different sources. We hope you’ll find it useful too.

1. Dinosaur Plush Stuffed Animal

Dinosaur Plush Stuffed Animal

A handmade dinosaur plush stuffed animal is super easy to do even if you are not good at sewing or drawing. This plush does not require too much details to complete so you can do it without giving too much thought to it.

First, learn to make small dinosaur patterns with simple details that any kid or dino fan can do effortlessly. This can be a perfect gift that you can give a special one after finishing it.

2. Toroto Plush Stuffed Animal

Toroto Plush Stuffed Animal DIY

Toroto is so famous and well-known fictional animal from a Japanese movie called My neighbor Toroto. If you are a big fan of him, you will easily imagine and draw out this creature. Let’s refer to many other fluffy Toroto versions available on the Internet to refresh this character in your own way without taking too much time.

3. Cute Sheep Plush Stuffed Animal

Do you like to crochet and want to practice more? Here is a wonderful chance to satisfy your preferences. Think about a cute crocheted sheep made by you, you will be crazy about it. It can be tricky and challenge your patience. However, this pattern is one of the easiest ones that are worth trying right away!

4. A Vibrant Owl Plush Stuffed Animal

If you love DIY stuffed toys but have no idea where to start from, here is one of the easiest patterns that you can do yourself. An owl with vibrant details will stimulate your creativity. You can make an owl on your own with felt and refer to many different patterns on the internet to do it.

5. Combo Easter Chick Plush

Easter Chick Plush DIY

No stuffed animals are easier than an easter chick pattern that you can do on your own. When it comes to Easter Day, the story of a baby chick coming out of an eggshell will be worth trying to make as a stuffed plush.

Let’s try this with felt to learn sewing from scratch! It will be an ideal gift for this Easter Day that you can do for your beloved ones or to place them in any corner of your room.

6. Little Koala Plush Stuffed Animal

Little Koala Plush Stuffed Animal

When it comes to koalas, you will think of them as one of the happiest animals in the world. Make a little DIY koala and make a cute look by sewing or drawing on it. Let’s try it right away!

7. DIY Penguin Plush Stuffed Animal

Have you ever tried to make something that is made of scrap fabric? If not, why don’t you learn new things to make a stuffed animal in a different way?

Taking advantage of scrap fabric to make a stuffed pet is more meaningful when you are contributing to protect the environment.

8. Felt Dolphin Plush Stuffed Animal

Felt Dolphin Plush Stuffed Animal

Dolphins are considered as one of the most friendly animals that people love, especially children. The idea to make a DIY dolphin is great because it’s easier to make a cute look dolphin that children or adults can do at home.

9. Cute Pig Plush Stuffed Animal

Have you ever thought of making a felt pig by yourself? It is a cute one to embellish your room. Let’s find a favorite pattern, and prepare all the essentials to make a little felt pig.

Then you can find a space and spare time during a week to make it. I think we do not take too much time to make this plush toy.

10. Sloth Plush Stuffed Animal

 Sloth Plush Stuffed Animal

Last but not least, a sloth plush stuffed animal is a stuffed pet that you shouldn’t miss if you want to practice sewing or make a handmade stuffed toy.

You can search for many different Sloth patterns, so you can refer to and learn to imitate and create in your own way.


Finally, above are 10 DIY plush stuffed animals that we believe that you can do it no matter their age. Making a handmade hobby stuffed pet cultivates you a healthy instead of spending hours surfing on the Internet. Besides, your results are homemade handmade products that you can give to friends and relatives, or to decorate at the office, at home or into a versatile stuffed animals.

PlushiesAnime also offers thousands of distinctive plush toys that you can go for the best one to add your toy collection.

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